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It's time to get serious about your body. This 8-week workout and nutrition plan will help you get shredded this year!

The problem with most fat loss diets is they’re a long, tiring journey.

Most lifters fall off the wagon before they can make meaningful progress and get shredded.

Not anymore.

Long-duration diets ignore one of our most precious resources: willpower. That’s what makes our program something different, a radical shift from our long and steady approach of 15-weeks.

You have eight weeks, and eight weeks only, to generate an all-out assault on fat loss to get shredded.

After losing a combine 311 pounds Iron Jox  wanted to inspire others. We read everything we could on weight training, fell in love with the weight room, realized what good nutrition was and started what is now a longstanding passion for strength, fitness and helping others transform their bodies

The diet plan is critical to success— more so than the training, and while training will be tough, it’s only a few hours per week. Nutrition is a 24/7 job. The diet protocol will be high protein, low carbohydrate and medium fat. This will give us the most opportunity to shed fat while retaining and adding muscle mass.


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