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James Grace

 Professional /Certified Personal Trainer & 

Weight loss Specialist

 Meet your coach  James Grace,  Master of Body Transformation.   Several years ago I decided it was time to transform my life after struggling with my weight since my teenage years. Over the years as I continued to gain weight,  I  struggled with alcoholism and often felt depressed and just overall unhappy. At my highest weight of 340 lbs. I decided that I needed to figure out why I was depressed and the root cause of my weight gain. I knew I needed to make a change and it was time for me to get to know myself.    

During my journey to become a better me mentally, physically, and emotionally I became passionate about helping others to achieve and exceed their personal health goals. Over the past 8 years, I have helped countless people do just that and look forward to helping you exceed all of your goals.

"To the old me, thank you for carrying the load.  Thank you even more for taking the first step. To the future me, thank you for continuing the journey and not giving up."

" Rest in the end, Not in the middle "

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