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Welcome to the Fit Family

We're not just another gym; we're a tribe committed to breaking the status quo. When you commit to one of our training programs, you're not just signing up for workouts – you're joining a community that's dedicated to your success. Our unique fitness experience is designed to save lives, one transformation at a time.


About Iron Jox Fitness: Transforming Lives Through Fitness

At Iron Jox Fitness, our mission is clear: we're here to change lives. For over a decade, we've been dedicated to helping individuals break free from old patterns that have hindered them from reaching their fitness goals.   Our vision goes beyond mere weight loss or muscle gain; it's about fostering an overall sense of well-being, enabling pain-free movement, and promoting graceful aging. We believe in helping you lead a lifestyle where you can embrace every moment, whether it's playing with your kids or tackling that bucket list adventure.



What Sets Us Apart

At Iron Jox Fitness, we are more than just a gym. We are a community that cares about your fitness journey. Our mission has been to provide a place where anyone can come, get fit, and feel healthy. With our holistic approach to fitness, we go beyond the typical gym experience. We combine the best aspects of all types of fitness facilities to create a gym that redefines what it means to be fit. We understand that showing up can be the hardest part, so we strive to take care of everything else for you. Join our community and experience the Iron Jox difference for yourself.

Our Approach

In our holistic gym programs, we firmly believe that your body's natural state is in motion. Our mission across all our fitness programs is to not only rev up your metabolism and keep you active but also to build strength and improve your overall mobility, a foundation of overall health. We recognize that a sedentary lifestyle can have serious consequences, shortening one's lifespan and impacting quality of life.

Our gym programs are thoughtfully hand selected by our experienced trainers. They encompass high-intensity workouts that provide clear guidance on strength training exercises, which are an essential part of our approach. These workouts consist of dynamic intervals that specify exactly what exercises to perform, followed by varying recovery times. By incorporating strength training into our programs, we aim to not only keep you moving but also help you build the foundation for a healthier you. Join us, and let's embark on a journey to a fitter, stronger, and more vibrant you!

Meet Our Founder


Iron Jox Fitness was founded by our CEO and Certified Personal Trainer, James Grace. With a personal journey marked by weight loss struggles, Mr. Grace knows firsthand the power of mindset and attitude in overcoming obstacles. He lost over 100 pounds and transformed his own life. Drawing from his experience, he designed our 15-week transformation program, aimed at reshaping not just bodies but entire lives. His innovative approach has touched countless lives, helping clients and trainers alike achieve their fitness aspirations.

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