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  ​At Iron Jox Fitness, our goal is to give you the encouragement, support, and accountability you need to discover your potential and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Whether you're new to working out or aiming to take your fitness journey further, our programs are designed for you.


One-on-One Personal Training 

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, sometimes a little one on one guidance can make a world of difference that is where one on one personal training at Iron Jox Fitness comes in. our experienced and dedicated trainers are here to help you become your very best mentally & physically.


Our personal training program is tailored to specially help you meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or someone looking for help to break through plateaus. Our trainers are here to work with you closely to create a customized training program to get you the results you deserve.

When you choose our One-on-One Training Program, you get:

- An initial meeting to plan your training
- Weigh-ins every two weeks
- Measurements of your whole body once a month
- Simple nutrition guidance to help you eat better.

Let us make your fitness journey simpler. Join us today and start working toward your best self!


Small Group Session 

Monday 5 PM, Wednesday 7 AM & 5 PM,
Friday 7 AM , Saturday 8 AM

If you’re looking for a fun and motivating way to achieve your fitness goals look no further than our Small Group Training Programs.

Our Jx60 HIIT (High- Intensity Interval Training) Program is designed to help you improve your:






Jx60 is not your average class. It is designed to push your limits, help you burn calories, and maximize your results in just

60 minutes. 


The overall goal is to get you fit!




Want to relieve some stress? Grab your mitts and join us for Boxing Fit.


This full body workout will get your heart pumping, increase your endurance, and help you to relieve some stress as you complete 3-minute rounds on the heavy bag. Boxing Fit workouts are fast- paced and challenging, requiring focus, determination, and mental resilience. 

Each session will help you conquer your own limits, you'll build mental toughness that extends beyond the gym and into all aspects of your life. 

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