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One- on-One Personal Training 

We know that figuring out the right exercise plan to help you reach your fitness goals can be hard, and it's even more frustrating trying to make sense of all the different advice about how to lose weight and build muscles. Our goal is to make your fitness journey easier by giving you the help and support you need to reach all your goals.

Our expert trainers are ready to create a special exercise plan just for you, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or move better.

When you choose our One-on-One Training Program, you get:

- An initial meeting to plan your training
- Weigh-ins every two weeks
- Measurements of your whole body once a month
- Simple meal plan options to help you eat better.

Let us make your fitness journey simpler. Join us today and start working toward your best self!



Introducing our Small Group Fitness Program, where you'll find the support and motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. Join our close-knit fitness community to kickstart your journey, break through plateaus, and enjoy effective workouts for results. Our instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success. Don't go at it alone – experience the power of group fitness and achieve your best self with us. Join today!



Are you ready to experience the incredible benefits of tailored stretching sessions? Look no further! We offer a unique opportunity to enhance your well-being, improve flexibility, and release tension through our

30 minutes specialized stretching sessions.

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“Friendly and inclusive environment. The owner, James Grace has created a great space for people of all fitness levels and provides fantastic personal training"


"The classes and workouts are great! The staff is really friendly."


“I love this gym! The people and the atmosphere is amazing! I'm comfortable and confident while in the gym.”
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