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Providing Everything You Need To Get The Results You Deserve !

At Iron Jox, we understand that our clients lead busy lives and cannot always make it to the gym. That is why we are happy to provide online home workouts programs to those of our clients that would prefer to work out at their own convenience. We have designed these programs to be affordable, easy to use, and suitable for people of all fitness levels.


We currently offer three simple but effective workout programs to help you get started on or continue your fitness journey. These customized programs allow you to track your workouts and nutrition and have virtual access to your coach.

8- Week Shred 

Join our 8- week Shred Program for a total body transformation. Our expert trainers have designed the perfect workouts, and nutrition and supplement package together for sculpting your best self in just 8 weeks. This program is highly effective with for Fat loss.

8- Week Slim Down

This 8-week workout plan for women uses full-body workouts to enhance curves and burn fat in the best way possible.

Fitness can be intimidating. With so many ways to work out, it’s difficult to know which program will give you the results you’re after. But don’t worry.

This program has been designed for beginner women who are ready to take the next steps to a leaner, stronger hourglass figure.

No muscle bulk, no over-the-top super-shredded abs.

Just healthy fat loss, a slimmer waistline and a much more confident outlook on life.

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Fat Loss Program 

Our fat-loss program incorporates HIIT-based circuit sessions with upper/lower splits and gives our clients a serious edge when it comes to fat loss! Combine this program with a sensible diet and watch the fat melt away! Nutritional Support is also available. 

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